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Hands on practice

FEEL-USA is a Live, hand-on simulation based course.
FEEL stands for Focused Echocardiographic Evaluation in Life Support.  
FEEL is a protocolozied integration of FoCUS Exam into ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support.) 

Course Curriculum


FEEL-USA is a live course on echocardiographic integration of FoCUS
(Focused Cardiac Ultrasound) Exam into ACLS. The course will cover
the following topics:


How to attain the four FEEL FoCUS and Lung Ultrasound views: 

  • Introductory module
  • Subcostal long axis View (SLAX)
  • Apical 4-Chamber View (A4CH)
  • Parasternal Long Axis View (PLAX)
  • Parasternal Short Axis View (PSAX)
  • Lung Ultrasound for the diagnosis of pneumothorax
  • Interpretation of clips with pathology that may lead to cardiac
    arrest, such as:
    • Pericardial effusion and tamponade
    • Hypovolemic shock
    • Indirect signs of pulmonary embolism
    • Significant myocardial systolic dysfunction
    • Pneumothorax (traditionally not part of the FEEL
      protocol but easily recognized with ultrasound)
  • How to integrate FoCUS exam into CPR in an ACLS-compliant
  • The limitations of FoCUS in the FEEL setting


The live course includes a pre-course online training component,
which provides the theoretical background to the course. The precourse
online training is highly interactive, using the following features:


  • eViews, teaching the "how-to" nuts and bolts of image
    acquisition and optimization)
  • eClips, which are ultrasound video clips of actual patients where
    users practice image interpretation and pattern recognition


The live course will include:

  • Didactic lectures
  • Hands-on training workshop with live models (maximum 4 students per station)
  • Simulator workshop of FEEL integration in ACLS

Course Format & Duration

  • The eView modules cover probe orientation, anatomical landmarks and troubleshooting problems related to image acquisition
  • Each eView has "TIP" exercises, to put Theory Into Practice
  • Each eView takes approximately 45 minutes to complete

Target Audience

Emergency medicine clinicians, critical care clinicians, anesthesiologists, surgeons, pediatricians, pulmonologists, internists, hospitalists and paramedics. The course is appropriate for clinicians who are new to image acquisition, as well as those who wish to improve and optimize their image acquisition skill-set.



• Knowledge of current ACLS guidelines




The FEEL-USA course is a live course. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The online pre-training should be completed prior to the course. Access to
the pre-course will be provided 1 month prior to course date.

FEEL-USA manual will be provided to all registered attendees as part of the live course.


The manual can be purchased by non-course attendees by logging into, FEEL-USA Courses tab.





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