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FoCUS (3 Months Subscription)

eClips for FoCUS

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An eClip is an ultrasound video clip of an actual patient with either a normal or a pathological condition. Access to our library offers users an interactive and engaging learning experience, geared towards developing image interpretation and pattern recognition skills. Users are asked to systematically interpret eClips for quality and anatomy, and to identify abnormalities and pathological patterns.

Course Curriculum

Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Exam (FoCUS Exam) is a methodological evaluation of the patient in shock. This course provides a platform for clinicians to practice and improve image interpretation.


Course Format & Duration

  • The course provides access to a library of eClips. Each eClip teaches how to systematically interpret the ultrasound clip for Quality, Anatomy identification of pathological patterns.
  • At the end of each module a summary of findings is provided along with a comparable image without pathology
  • Users can expect to spend between 20 to 30 minutes per eClip

Target Audience

Emergency medicine clinicians, critical care clinicians, anesthesiologists, surgeons, pediatricians, pulmonologists, internists, hospitalists and paramedics.



Users will have access to the course for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase



Click here to view an eClip demo 


Here is the course outline:

Normal FoCUS Clips

eClips Library - Normal FoCUS Clips

Assessment of LV Systolic Function

eClips Library - FoCUS Assessment of LV Systolic Function

RV Systolic Function and Cor Pulmonale

eClips Library - FoCUS Assessment of RV Function and Cor Pulmonale

Pericardial Disease

eClips Library - FoCUS Assessment of Pericardial Disease

Valvular Pathology

eClips Library - FoCUS Assessment of Valvular Pathology

Valvular Vegetation

eClips Library - FoCUS Assessment of Valvular Vegetation

Random Clips for FoCUS

eClips Library - Review eClips in random order to allow yourself better training in FoCUS clips interpretation

Course Survey

Please provide us feedback about your experience with the eClips Library


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

eMedical Course Completion
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