Institutions, including medical schools, hospitals or EMT services, can use eMedical Academy courses to train their staff Online learning is the most flexible and efficient way to teach point-of-care ultrasound to a large number of staff. Online courses shifts burden from the instructor to the learner, and thus frees up institutional-resources and simplifies logistics. eMedical Academy courses can be purchased as an entire platform or as individual courses, according to need.


eMedical Academy courses can be integrated as pre-cursors to hands-on ultrasound conferences Conference attendees not only enjoy the flexibility of online learning, they are also significantly more informed and prepared for hands-on practice. Valuable instructor time is focused on assisting attendees in optimizing image acquisition and interpretation, rather than on presenting didactic content.


Critical care clinicians interested in gaining expertise in POC ultrasound, can sign up for an online course Individual learners simply select the courses of interest and enjoy the flexibility of learning on their own terms, at the convenience of their home. Courses are available to registered users for 3 months to allow for maximum retention of knowledge. Expertise gained from online courses is immediately adaptable to the clinical setting.